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Shop quality supplies

Whether you are a pet owner or a Breeder, the access to qualtiy supplies is a necessity. I have put together some great shops here with coupon codes available to help save you a bit extra as well.

Whether you are looking for Collars, Beds or Breeder supplies 


Check out the Toltrazuril shop for worming meds, dosage calculators and more! Use code GNCANINECREW for discount on your order!

Toltrazuril Shop

Treats! All dogs love treats! Get some excellent, healthy treats at the link below! 
Use Code:
gn canine crew-1712070236725   for a 20% discount on your first order!

Tags!  We all want to keep our dogs safe, and one layer of safety for our pets is having identification on them in the event they get lost. Byte Tags has many options available and all our dogs have the Byte Tags on their collars. Use code GNCC for a discount on your order!

EZ Whelp!

        Breeders, we all look for quality supplies. We use and recommend EZ Whelp products.  

Whelping boxes, Breeding supplies, Training pads and more...

Litter training your litter? Or perhaps you need a quality tray for your dog/puppy that has indoor potty needs, such as apartments etc. Having litter trays helps keep your puppies clean and their play area sanitary while making clean up easier for you!  Head over to Little Wolves and get yourself their potty trays! Link here:

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