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Breed Information

 Breed specific information is necessary for potential families to research and learn about. Every breed is unique not only in it's physical attributes but also in training and diet requirements to just name a few.

If you are considering adding a Boxer or Brussels Griffon to your family, you will want to research the breed to be certain it will be a good fit for your family.
I have put together some information here to get you started.


Boxers are an absolute wonderful breed!  They have been described as the clowns of the dog world and I have found that to be so accurate! 

Size: Boxers are a medium sized breed with males generally being 23-25in at withers and females slightly shorter at 21 1/2-23 1/2. Weights can vary dependent upon diet, exercise and genetics with European lines being slightly heavier boned than their American counterparts. Regardless of pedigree (European vs. American) the Boxer is one breed and should be bred to adhere to the standard. Weight should always be maintained for the health of the dog, not allowing them to become obese nor underweight as both extremes can contribute to multiple unwanted health conditions.

The following link provides an in-depth description of the proper Boxer anatomy with pictures:

Read the FCI breed standard here:

Adorable flashy fawn boxer puppy  sitting in a box with a teddy bear.

Read ABC (American Boxer Club) standard here:

Read the UKC Breed Standard here:

​Coat color: Boxers are genetically Fawn or Brindle. Both colors can have various degree of white markings on face, chest and legs. Read about coat color here:

Health information.
The followiung links will provide information on many topics such as DM, ARVC and more. Please check them out for valuable information.

Brussels Griffon

   The Brussels Griffon is a toy breed with two coat types, smooth and rough, there is no difference in the dogs of the two coat types and aside from the coat, the standard remains the same for the breed.

A sturdy little dog standing between 9-11 inches at the withers and weighing between 8-12 lbs on average.
Brussels Griffons love to be with their humans, and with proper socialization and commitment to training they make wonderful family companions. 
The Breed was the inspiration behind the infamous Ewok!  
The Breed is generally sensitive and does not respond well to rough training techniques. Intelligent they are easy to train and make excellent sport dogs competing in Agility, Fast cat and more.

Read the AKC Breed Standard here:

Brussels Griffon color chart

Read the FCI Breed Standard here:

Read the UKC Breed Standard here:

​Read about care here:

Read about the Precautions in Toy Breed puppies here:

Understanding Hypoglycemia, recognizing symptoms and having knowledge on what you need to do should it occur is important and you can read about it here:

 Both coat types, smooth and rough, will require grooming. Smooth coat dogs shed and require weekly brushing with a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and shedding fur.  Rough coat dogs will require a more involved grooming routine. Daily brushing is necessary to keep the puppy free from matting as well as to keep the beard free from food or debris and to maintain a neat, fresh appearance. Rough coats will require their coats to be maintained, normally hand stripped it is acceptable for pet owners to have the puppy clipped for easier maintenance.  Nails must be attended to weekly, we prefer the use of dremel, do not forget to pay attention to the dew claws on the front legs as they often get overlooked and can cause painful injuries if allowed to become overgrown. Find information on grooming techniques for Brussels Griffon puppies here:

Red rough coat and Black and tan smooth coat Brussels Griffon dogs

Commitment to training is just as important in a toy breed puppy as it is in a boxer puppy. Starting the moment you take your puppy home with consistent training will help ensure your puppy understands proper manners required. Some helpful training information here:

Spay/Neuter age

UC Davis study- here

Frontiers in Veterinary Science article - here


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