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Upcoming litters, available Boxer and Brussels Griffon puppies, details below..

Boxer Puppies have arrived!
5/09/2024 .

AKC  Limited (NO Breeding rights)

Spay/Neuter Contract

1 yr Warranty

Puppies are raised utilizing ENS, Avidog and Puppy Culture

Will be :



*Vet Exam


3 Males currently available,

 **Cyclone-Classic Brindle

 **Hurricane-Classic Fawn

 **Monsoon-Flashy Fawn

Click on photos below to view.

Google Photo album is shared with families, photos/videos are uploaded to the album once weekly for families to view litter as they grow.

Ready to join families at 8 weeks of age.

Pick-up Must be pre-scheduled on available dates.; Available Pick-up dates Thursday July 4th,  Friday July 5th


Please complete Application 

PLANNED breeding, will be Fall litter,
Potential of smooth or rough coat puppies
Waiting list is open


Available Adults:

Retiring Adult:


We will have a retiring adult female Boxer looking for her perfect family and couch to lay on. Will be up to date on vaccinations and worming.

If interested in a retiring adult female please inquire.


Need Transportation for your new puppy?

 A quality transporter is necessary when you are unable to pick up your puppy yourself. We recommend utilizing a flight nanny and have put together some contacts below of transporters for both Domestic and International needs.

Need help with Puppy training?

Group Puppy classes are invaluable for training your new family member, proper socialization and training is extremely important for your puppy.


 A lot of families like having a bit extra help between classes and having access to a wealth of training tips, advice and more.

Baxter & Bella is an excellent addition to your puppy training arsenal.

Getting prepared to bring your new family member home? Have questions about how to prepare and handle things such as potty training, crate training and more? 

We have your covered with an amazing puppy school program offered through our partner Baxter & Bella!

Use our Breeder code GNCC to receive 25% off your Lifetime Membership!

Go check out the fantastic online puppy school program now and take advantage of our Breeder discount code today!

Baxter & Bella

Nursery- Brussels Griffon & Boxer puppies, litters, planned Breedings and available adults.

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