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GN Canine Crew
Training Club

FIT DOG CLUB walks and Runs Monthly!

Want to enjoy walks with your dog and earn points towards your FIT DOG titles? Well join us for our monthly walks!

Do you want to start on your AKC Trick Dog titles? Let's get started!

Contact us here for next walk details!

Getting ready to bring home your new family member? Have training questions?


Group Puppy classes are invaluable for training your new family member, proper socialization and training is extremely important for your puppy.

While nothing can replace the necessary real-world experience in person classes provide, having access to multiple training tools is invaluable.


 A lot of families like having a bit extra help between classes, and having access to a wealth of training tips, advice and more is definitely helpful.

If you want ability to get quick answers to training questions, have access to videos as well as chat rooms with real trainers and more, or Perhaps you have a puppy already that you have training questions or need help and advice with?   Not a problem!

Baxter & Bella is an excellent addition to your puppy training arsenal.

We want to set our families up for success with their new family member.  We have partnered with an amazing company to offer our puppy families the best chance for success in training their new puppy.

Baxter & Bella

Baxter & Bella

Offers a valuable resource in online training for all aspects of your furry family members lifetime, from before brining your new puppy home, through all stages of training to adulthood and more! 

Baxter & Bella

Use our Breeder code: GNCC
to receive 25% OFF your Lifetime Membership and have puppy training help available at your fingertips any time of the day without ever leaving your home!

Baxter & Bella
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